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Chronic Disease Management

Hepatitis C Team

The Hepatitis C Team Program provides Hepatitis C virus (HCV) care and treatment services that aims to curb the spread of HCV by ensuring that people are diagnosed and treated.

The Hepatitis C Team Program offers the services of an interprofessional team, which consists of a consulting Hepatologist, Hepatitis C Treatment Nurse, Outreach Worker, Psycho-social Support Worker and Team Coordinator. The members of the HCV team work collaboratively to provide seamless multidisciplinary care and treatment for HCV. The team offers clients at risk of acquiring/living with HCV, comprehensive medical-and psycho-social support and treatment, in collaboration and consultation with the team treating physician.

We offer: 
  • Hepatitis C information and treatment
  • Advocacy
  • Support
  • Informal counselling
  • Harm reduction counselling and supplies
  • Group support
  • Patient accompaniments
  • Referrals to doctors, nurses, counsellors/case managers, detox, housing workers, shelters  

What is Hep C?

Hepatitis is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus that attacks the liver. Many people who become infected with Hepatitis C never feel sick and recover completely. Others get a brief, acute illness with fatigue and loss of appetite and their skin and eyes turn yellow (a condition called “jaundice”). If your body is not able to fight off the virus, you may develop chronic hepatitis which can lead to cirrhosis (liver scarring), liver failure and even liver cancer. Chronic Hepatitis C is a “silent” disease because often no symptoms appear until your liver is severely damaged. New Hepatitis C treatments are very effective at curing the infection and they work for most people.

HCV Support Groups:

The Carea HCV program offers weekly and bi-weekly support groups at multiple locations. These groups act as a safe space where individuals can receive information, social support, education and preparation for the demanding treatment cycle. Groups are a welcoming space where a sense of community can be fostered by individuals who are going through a similar experience and where issues and challenges are discussed openly in a judgement-free zone. Groups are offered at the following locations:

  • Oshawa - John Howard Soctiety and Carea - Oshawa location
  • Peterborough
These groups are facilitated by the team  and are also supported by peers who  have life experience.

For more information about Hep C or to speak with a member of the Hep C Team...
Call toll free at 1-855-808-6242

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